Muscle Building Mistakes You Must Avoid

You just started your muscle-building program with a big hope that once you will get out of that skinny body and become a fine-tuned, leaner man. After months of hard work, you get nothing but that dream of yours and give up with frustration and failure. But why?

Muscle building is a time-consuming task, and it requires patience, hard work, and consistency. But we often forget those facts and pretend that it is possible to accomplish it as we want. That’s why we bother too much and do myriads of mistakes. If you already know what the mistakes are, then there is nothing to say and good luck with your skinny or fat body. On the other hand, if you are unconscious and not aware of those mistakes, then read the entire topic to help yourself out.

Skipping the compound moves

One of the most common mistakes many weightlifters do. They believe that isolation exercises like chest flies and leg curls are the only ways to grow muscles. But compound moves like bench press and squat also force several muscle groups to build together.

It is true that you need variations in your workout, but not by skipping the compound moves. So here is what you should do – List the exercises in your workout routine and check how many compound moves you have. If the range is not at least 40-50%, then replace some isolation workouts with some compound moves.

Being inconsistent with workouts

Admit it; you had pretended that you’d manage it anyway when you planned your daily workout routine. Now, you cannot keep consistency and start to giving excuses that you are busy with your profession.

No matter what you have the most sophisticated workout program on earth, it’s utterly useless if you can’t be consistent with your routine. Yesterday you spent 2 hours in the gym, and today you couldn’t even manage to go there, and now planning to spend 4 hours tomorrow so you can make it even. Trust me; it’s not gonna work as you’re thinking. You’ll end up your day with nothing but a body full of stress and pain.

So, always stick to the routine. Don’t go overboard, choose the minimum time of your day so you can be consistent with the routine. It can be 30 minutes or one hour a day, but once you’ll gain the result for sure.

One of my favorite workout machine is bike lock

Not eating enough

Almost everyone complains about this – “I’m eating a lot, but still can’t gain weight.”

Actually, you’re only assuming, but you’re not eating enough. To deal with the fast metabolism during your muscle-building program, you need to eat much food than usual. Besides, you’ll need to eat additional high-calorie, and high-protein foods such as protein shake, muscle building breakfast, etc. You can also take weight gaining supplement and testosterone booster to speed up the process.

Some people think supplements alone can improve weight gain, but they’re totally wrong. Those supplements just boost the process by working with natural foods. So you must eat much than usual no matter what you are taking any supplement or not.

You collect too much information

Don’t know if you’re one of them, but there are some knowledge seekers who read a couple of articles on muscle building every day, check almost every fitness magazine, and then end up with an illusion that they’re improving. Actually, their knowledge improves a lot, but not their muscle gain.

Too many cooks spoil the broth. If you follow articles from different experts, then you may get confused, and ruin everything. I’m not forbidding you to read those magazines and articles, but don’t go overboard and stick to your workout and diet.

Smoking and drinking

You know that smoking is injurious to health. It causes cancer, stroke, and many other health problems. But one thing you might not know that smoking also sabotages your muscle build up training.

Smoking leaves carbon monoxide in our body that prevents our muscles from getting enough oxygen to use for energy. The lacking of oxygen makes the muscles less efficient to contract with each other and limit their ability to work.

And alcohol covers our abs with a layer of pork fat. Regular drinking of alcohol also lowers the testosterone levels and reduce muscle mass. So, no need to waste your money and time on muscle building if you can’t quit smoking and drinking.

Comparing with others

There are people who are bigger, stronger, and more muscular than you. On the other side, there are people who are worse than you.

Trying to better than the better guys and comparing with others will bring nothing but disaster. You will never be able to get truly satisfied and appreciate your accomplishments.

Without thinking about others, only focus on improving yourself. Compete with yourself to beat your personal best. Focus on becoming bigger and muscular than you were before. Measure your own improvement and be proud of what you have earned.

Bothering with limits

Many people try to follow the routines of pro bodybuilders, performing 15-20 sets per muscle group.

One thing you should keep in mind that most pro builders are heavily drug-assisted and genetically gifted. If you assume that you can gain the same results without the same level of medicinal assistance, then you are totally wrong. Know your limits and never go beyond that.

Do not try to become Arnold Schwarzenegger at your first try. Keep your goals realistic. A new lifter who expects to bench press 315 lbs during his first month is not just impossible, it’s ridiculous. Furthermore, an overweight person who is hoping to lose 50 lbs within the first few weeks of dieting is also the same.

Overtraining: doing too much exercise

Working out too much to achieve your muscle building goals faster will do nothing at all. After a workout, your body requires rest to repair and build the muscles.

Many people think that they’ll get quick and better result if the workout couple of hours every day. This is not entirely true because the muscles get stressed, but they don’t get the chance to recover and build up. You can’t build your muscles through overtraining but lose some of them you have now.

Joint injuries, pain, insomnia, feeling exhausted are signs of overtraining, and you must rest enough to recover your body to achieve consistent and long-term muscle gains.

Doing too little workout

Opposed to the previous one, few people give their body too much rest that they can’t give enough stress to their muscles. I do not know whether it is laziness or fear of overtraining, it is ridiculous for sure.

And some fitness media take the advantages of that laziness by promoting quick, easy workouts which are quit fraud. Muscle building requires patience and hard work that is impossible to gain by those so-called easy ways.

Not having a mentor

Talking about your preschool days, you couldn’t learn anything without your teachers and parents help. With their assistance, you figured out how to write the letters, sum and multiply numbers, and so on. And once you get the ABC’s of learning, you can manage to learn things yourself. However, you still need a teacher even when you are at varsity, don’t you?

The same thing is for muscle building as well. If you are an absolute beginner, then you will not be able to learn the ABC’s without a mentor. Moreover, even when you are a perfect body builder, you will still need a mentor to push you and hold you accountable. Having a mentor will help you to go the gym, work out consistently, and avoid all those mistakes I have listed above.

Final Verdict

Now you’ve known the common mistakes that we often do during your muscle building program. Avoid them and follow your mentor’s advice. The best option is to join the nearest gym where you can meet with senior bodybuilders and take help from them.